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by Kristin
About Me

Hi!  Welcome to Kristin Cooking.  I’m Kristin, and I am here to help you making cooking fun and easy. Well, I will give it my best try.

I am a working mom to three teenage boys and one semi picky husband (Mike). To say we spend a lot of time in the kitchen would be a massive understatement. Most of the time, I feel like I live in the kitchen and that’s ok with me.  I enjoy cooking and developing new recipes and meals.

My kids are actually high maintenance when it comes to food.  No basic PB&J here, they like lots of flavor and exciting foods.  Believe it or not, I came home from work one day, and they had cooked duck fajitas for lunch.  I mean really?!?

Other than cooking, traveling is the other huge passion in my life (other than my family of course).  We have visited forty-seven states as a family, and I am always down to go somewhere new.

I look forward to sharing bits of my life with you and I would love to hear from you!


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